"This excellent pioneering handbook on HCI aspects of cybersecurity is a must read for all who are concerned with computer information security."

Gavriel Salvendy, Member National Academy of Engineering, USA.

"This important book is very timely as cybersecurity becomes the most critical factor in assuring safe and effective communication and ultimately business success."

Waldemar Karwowski, Pegasus Professor, and Chair, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, University of Central Florida, USA

"This new handbook on HCI in cybersecurity represents the current state of the art in this young but rapidly developing and maturing scientific domain, which is composed of HCI principles, methods, and tools in order to address the numerous and complex threats which put computer- mediated human activities at risk in today’s society, which is progressively becoming more and more intertwined with and dependent on interactive technologies."

Professor Constantine Stephanidis, Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete and Institute of Computer Science of FORTH

Study Finds Tech-Savvy Students May Still Lack Cybersecurity Sense "Though HCI, or the study of human-computer interaction, is widely offered at dozens of American universities, its application in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity is far less studied, understood or even recognized. Abbas Moallem, an adjunct professor in the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, is on a mission to sound the alarms and raise the profile of the human component in cybersecurity through his undergraduate and graduate courses..."

David Goll

"I thought at first this book would be too technical for me, but I was so intent on finding information on protecting myself and our local government offices from hack attacks, blackouts, theft, and ransoms that I was determined to read on. My reward was a very understandable, readable and useful series of discussions of all phases of cybersecurity. Doctor Moallem is expert in targeting fundamentals as well as advanced theory and applications. When I finished I felt I had been admitted to a small circle of people who see the future and know what perils we all face if we do not grasp the gathering danger of dark forces that are always looking for a new way to attack our wealth, our well-being, our nation, our lives."> Amazon Reader