Cyber Poker Card Game

Excellent for employee security training programs Cyber awareness team meetings exhibitor giveaways to booth visitors. Event giveaways you can play alone or in groups of 2, 3, or 4 people. (Unite Price $30+ shipping)

Phishing Email Card Game

View cards one by one and sort them into two piles: Phishing and non-Phishing. As you do this, clearly think of the reasons why you qualify the card in its respective category. You can play alone or in groups of 2, 3, or 4 people.(Unite Price $40+ shipping)

Path To Security Board Game

The game covers various important topics of security and human interaction. We feel that these topics are the most pertinent and they need to be covered to a greater extent by general people as to get a greater understanding of what they are and to be able to identify them in real world scenarios.

Play Sheerlock Game online

A digital game “Sherlock Holmes: Secure Your Identity” , was designed to raise awareness and to educate secondary school and university-level student about identity theft. The Game is played in a web browser and features a two level, spirit based obstacle course. Obstacles can be successfully avoided through identification of the correct answers to binary choice (level-1) or identity choice (level-2) questions on identity theft issues.
If u have password click play Now .