Cybersecurity Awareness Among Students and Faculty

Key Features

Offers an understanding of the state of privacy awareness
Includes the state of identity theft awareness
Covers mobile phone protection
Discusses ransomware protection
Discloses a plan of action to improve security awareness
In modern times, all individuals need to be knowledgeable about cybersecurity. They must have practical skills and abilities to protect themselves in cyberspace. What is the level of awareness among college students and faculty, who represent the most technologically active portion of the population in any society? According to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2016 Consumer Sentinel Network report, 19 percent of identity theft complaints came from people under the age of 29. About 74,400 young adults fell victim to identity theft in 2016. This book proposes a plan of action that can help 26,000 higher education institutions worldwide with over 207 million college students, create security policies and educational programs that improve security awareness and protection.

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