How to Design User-Friendly Dashboards, 2018, Las Vegas Nevada, USA

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July 10, 2018
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July 16, 2018

With a growing need for mass data visualization, most business and consumer applications display a dashboard page that includes an overview of the system status and content. Are all these dashboards effective? What are the basic principles behind designing effective and intuitive dashboards? This introductory/intermediate course in dashboard design will provide an overview of the fundamentals for designing and evaluating effective dashboards. Participants will then evaluate several dashboards and practice building an effective dashboard.

HCII 2018, Monday, 16 July 2018, 08:30 – 12:30 Caesars Palace, Los Vegas , Nevada, USA

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AHFEI 2018, Sunday, July 22, 2018 -08:00- 12:00 The Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA 

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